Our mission statement

We love beautiful things. Especially on the wall. We design wall decoration that is slightly different. We put our heart and soul into it. Therefore our products are surprising, refreshing and a bit quirky.


KEK Amsterdam is a family company from Amsterdam, founded in 2010. Two brothers (Bas and Evert Kok) and their sister (Barbara Kok) started the business in the apartment of Evert (1979), the youngest of the three and the creative mind behind KEK Amsterdam. Bas (1972) is running the day-to-day business. And Barbara (1970) is engaged in marketing, sales and PR.


The ideal combination.


Today, KEK Amsterdam products are sold in more than 500 stores and web shops in 15 countries.


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KEK Amsterdam

Rooseveltlaan 179

1079 AN  Amsterdam

The Netherlands





+31 (0)6 37 29 34 18


ING Bank account number: NL61INGB0005082207




KEK Amsterdam is registered at the Chamber of Commerce Amsterdam - No 34375428 | VAT number: 821828757B01

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What does the packaging of KEK products look like?


We designed all packaging with one thing in mind: what does it look like in your store. We try to design it in such way the product itself is clearly visible. Mainly, we seal all our products, that's if it's possible to seal. The biggest wall stickers, such as the Birdhouse Tree or the Lion Cub XL, are protected in heavy duty cardboard boxes with a clear label.



How do you ship my order?


We ship your order in heavy duty cardboard boxes in the most efficient way there is, so you don't have any unneccesary shipping costs. Our wallpaper is protected by a strong transparent seal for maximum protection.



Do you also supply displays?


Yes. And they are beautiful, too!


We have two kinds of displays, both made of birch plywood: a large floor display and a smaller table display. Nearly all wall stickers (except for the very large ones), posters and coloring pictures will fit in both displays. This creates a permanent place in your shop for our products. The displays are sturdy and easy self assembled (without any screws or glue). We provide a clear instruction.


You get the displays included for free with an initial order of at least € 200,- (table display) or € 600, - (floor display). There’s no minimum order amount for re-orders. For the floor display we ask you to sign a simple loan agreement.



How can I order your displays?


If you are interested in one of our displays (or both), please send an email to and ask for the possibilities (even if you already sell our products).


The images are .jpg, 72 dpi and ready to use.

Wooden table display



Birch plywood (9 mm)
Height: 34 cm
Width: 46 cm
Depth: 42 cm
Weight: 3,6 kg
Instructions included
Display is free
Delivery time: 1 week

Wooden floor display


Birch plywood (12 mm)
Height: 138 cm
Width: 46,5 cm
Depth: 57 cm
Weight: 15 kg
Instructions included
Display is free (on loan)
Delivery time: 1 week