About our wall stickers

What are the wall stickers made of?        


We make our wall stickers from a high standard, high quality, super matte vinyl foil. The foil is thin so that there is hardly any difference in height when attached to the surface. The wall stickers are water resistant and can therefore be cleaned very easily.



What are the chalkboard stickers made of?


We use high quality matte black “blackboard” foil; this is stronger than the ordinary vinyl wall stickers so you can write on them in chalk. Extremely useful for notes in the kitchen or home office and a good fun idea for the children's playroom.



Are both wall stickers and chalkboard stickers easy to attach?


Yes, both our wall stickers and the chalkboard stickers are easy to attach to any hard smooth surface. However, with some of the more detailed designs you should take care to work carefully and slowly when smoothing them on. With your order we will send you detailed instructions as well as a tool to help you attach the sticker as easily and smoothly as possible.



What surfaces are best?


Both types of stickers are best suited for attaching to hard, smooth surfaces such as doors, windows, furniture, and smooth plastered walls. Before attaching the sticker you must make sure that the surface (glass, plastic, plaster, aluminium, ceramic tiles) is clean, dry and dust & oil-free. You should wait 3 weeks after newly painting your walls before you attach the wall stickers.



Can I remove the wall stickers?


Yes, this is easily done simply by peeling them off. However, if you have had the stickers on a plastered wall for some time, it could be that small pieces of wall paint/plaster can come off too – you can avoid this by first warming the stickers with a hairdryer on a medium setting.



Can I re-use the wall stickers?


No. We would not recommend trying to re-use them since it is difficult to get a good, smooth finish when attaching them a second time.

About our wallpaper

What is your wallpaper made of?  


We make our wallpaper from the best material out there: non-woven wallpaper. It means the paper is much stronger and way easier to apply.



Is Non-Woven wallpaper easy to apply?


Yes, everybody can do it.



What kind of glue is best?


We recommend Perfax Pink for Non-Woven Wallpaper. You should get it in your local DIY store.



Is your wallpaper easy to remove?


Yes. Even after years our wallpaper is easily to remove (dry).



Can I put up the wallpaper in a newly built house?


We advise you to wait until the walls are really super dry.



Can I put up non-woven wallpaper over an existing wallpaper?


Yes, but you will get the best results if you first of all remove the existing wallpaper.



Is it a good idea to put up wallpaper when it’s hot weather?


No, not really. Non-woven wallpaper does not expand in warm conditions, so in theory, you could then indeed put up wallpaper. But wouldn’t you rather be doing something else, like going to the beach?

About shipping and delivery

Do you ship worldwide?


Yes, we do. Check out our list of 23 countries to which we ship.



What are the shipping costs?


We charge the following shipping costs:


United Kingdom   >   € 6.95

United States   >   € 17.95

Denmark   >   € 6.95

Spain   >   € 7.95

Canada   >   € 17.95

France   >   € 6.95

Australia   >   € 17.95

Italy   >   € 7.95

Portugal   >   € 9.95

Ireland   >   € 9.95

Norway   >   € 12.95

Sweden   >   € 9.95

Finland   >   € 9.95

Brasil   >   € 17.95

China   >   € 19.95

Japan   >   € 17.95

Poland   >   € 9.95

Czech Republic   >   € 7.95

Germany   >   € 4.95

Austria   >   € 6.95

Belgium   >   € 4.95

Switzerland   >   € 12.95

Luxembourg   >   € 5.95

South-Africa  >  € 17.95

Netherlands  >  € 2.95



What are the delivery times?


Your order will be processed within 1 to 2 days after we've received it. The delivery time depends on the country to which we have to ship your package.



How does an online order work?  




When you have finished your order you receive a confirmation mail with your payment transaction / details. Your order will be sent to you as quickly as possible. Paying at KEK means a secure and easy payment. You will receive a confirmation of your order by e-mail showing your payment transaction and details.




If you prefer to pay by Bank Transfer, then you will receive a confirmation e-mail from us showing bank account number and payment instructions. Once the total amount due has been credited to our bank account we will dispatch your order. This will mean that delivery time for your order will probably take longer.



Can I have my order delivered at my work address?


Yes, of course. When placing your order you can indicate at the check-out point the address to which the order should be sent.



Can I return my order?


Absolutely. Check the section about this under the “Terms and Conditions” and e-mail your ordernumber and reason for product return to He will contact you as soon as possible.